Longlisted: 2021 Poet of the Year

Published in the 2021 Poet of the Year Anthology.

Canterbury Festival

Shortlisted: Young Poet 2021

Invited to the Wells Poetry Festival to read, 'Daughter'.

Wells Poetry Festival

Best Submission: Young Poets Competition 2021

Published in the Young Poets Anthology.

Stratford Literary Festival

Highly Commended: 2021 Erbacce Prize for Poetry

Published in Journal #67.

The Erbacce Press

Winner: Student Journalist of the Year 2021

"Beth has worked tirelessly throughout the year to produce a vast array of unique and engaging content for both SCAN and Bailrigg FM. Overall, Beth's commitment not only to student journalism but also to ensuring that it is of good quality and quantity cannot be described as anything other than outstanding and fully deserves to be recognised."

"Beth has been part of student media for the last two years and, last year, won Best Multimedia Journalist for her outstanding contributions across all of student media (including The Tab, Flash, and Her Campus). This year, she deserves Student Journalist of the Year because she has not only continued this incredible commitment to student journalism but worked twice as hard to see Bailrigg FM, SCAN Newspaper, and LA1 TV succeed and evolve. She was part of the team that adapted Bailrigg to home-broadcasting, she was the first journalist to collaborate Bailrigg podcasts with SCAN articles, she came up with the idea to include a mini issue in SCAN for Black and LGBTQ+ History Month (and that they should be guest-edited by the respective liberation officers), and she has always been there for any editor or Bailrigg department manager to help share the workload. Beth is without a doubt an integral element within all of student media and deserves recognition for the incredible work that she has done in the past year.

On top of her work in the executive teams, she has also continued to produce outstanding journalism work. She interviewed Bastille, a student addict, student OnlyFans creators, and an autistic student who couldn't come back to campus during the pandemic. She has reviewed queer Jewish poetry, post-lockdown theatre productions, and ground-breaking Channel 4 shows. She has contributed to every collaborative SCAN article - including vegan cooking, favourite LGBTQ+ books, and lockdown soundtracks. And she has worked closely with each of the Comment section writers, going above and beyond to help them find topics, research, interview, write, photograph, and edit their articles. If nothing else, she is singlehandedly ensuring that the future of student journalism is going to brighter than ever before and that everyone has a fair chance to get into the field. Beth has always held the mentality that you should share what you learn and she has never done anything less, mentoring over fifty first-year English students in journalism and literary work, helping anyone (regardless of background) get into the industry and succeed.

Overall, I firmly believe that Beth is an outstanding candidate for Student Journalist of the Year and can't wait to see what she goes on to do next year."

Lancaster University Student Media Awards 2021, nominated twice.

Winner: Best Interview 2021

"A hard-hitting snapshot of the harsh realities that exist in student life both pre and during the pandemic. Beth's questions allow for a respectful conversation that gave a voice to those who are often not seen by the majority. It is informative, truthful and professional. A real and captivating article that every student should read."

Lancaster University Student Media Awards 2021, for '“I literally took a pill in Ibiza”: Interview with a student addict'.

Winner: Best Lockdown Content 2021

"This was the first review of a post-lockdown stage play and addressed issues that people had yet to think of. A witty, thoughtful, and endlessly insightful review. A fantastic comment on the future of arts post-pandemic and a professionally written review."

Lancaster University Student Media Awards 2021, for 'Review of Lungs: The Future of Socially-Distanced Theatre?'

Winner: Artist's Choice Ekphrastic Challenge

“I loved this poem because it talks so beautifully about voice and its various contradictions, language and translations and everything that gets lost in between. There are several memorable lines in this poem, but my favourite was its end: ‘I feel like a woman’s words in a man’s book. There, but in his voice.’ I think that these lines themselves encapsulate the whole painting.”

Neena Sethia, artist of Rattle's May 2021 Ekphrastic Challenge, for 'Gods, monsters, and complex PTSD'.

Nominated: Best Reporter 2021

"This year, Beth became Comment Editor for SCAN. This year, she was also diagnosed with complex PTSD. Seeing her overcome immense obstacles has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Despite all, Beth has still produced her section every issue, written across every section in the paper, and held the university to account on crucial student matters. To celebrate Black and LGBTQ+ History Month, it was Beth’s suggestion that inspired special issues of SCAN that included its first ever Black section and LGBTQ+ section. Beth was also one of the pioneering forces behind the marriage between SCAN and student radio station, Bailrigg FM, becoming the first reporter to produce interviews in both print and podcast.

Including the articles supporting this submission, Beth has interviewed student OnlyFans creators (which was picked up by the Sunday Mirror), Bastille, a student addict, has reviewed ground-breaking post-COVID theatre performances, queer Jewish poetry pamphlets, and books written by LGBTQ+ women. Her stories have brought communities together in a way that has been so difficult during lockdown but she has done so unrelentingly.

Her dedication to journalism and the local community is clear in her articles featuring small businesses. She has always been a hands-on reporter but to bring attention to small businesses in the community over lockdown, she signed up for several classes, including an online stretch class, which she chronicled in a feature for the Sports section.

Beth is without a doubt one of the strongest people I have ever met and a truly incredible reporter. Her journalism would be credit enough for this award but to have overcome all that she has is a real tribute to her passion."

Student Publication Association Awards 2021, nominated by SCAN Newspaper.

Nominated: Best News Story 2021

"Beth’s journalism has always been outstanding, but her piece at the start of the 2020/21 academic year on the university’s miscommunication was outstanding. Beth heard from a few of the freshers reps that there were worrying signs up around campus that implied that students would have to self-isolate in their flats at all times. 

Beth gathered as many accounts from a variety of worrying situations as possible, from freshers holding large outdoor parties to groups being told to isolate without any of them having the virus. The piece was quickly read by thousands of Lancaster students all of whom were naturally worried about the situation, Beth’s piece will have helped to calm some worries and held the university accountable for the outrageous £17.00 per day meal plans. 

This piece gave a voice to the students who were being forced to self-isolate, despite not having the virus, and those having to pay exponential prices for food. The £17.00 food plan generated so much outrage that the university soon revised its plans. This is a piece of quality journalism that produced real change for the students of Lancaster and deserves to be recognised as such."

Student Publication Association Awards 2021, nominated by Tom Burgess, SCAN News Editor, for '“STAY IN YOUR FLAT AT ALL TIMES” and other misleading communication from Lancaster Uni'.

Nominated: Best Interview 2021

"In a standard interview talking about the life in lockdown of an anonymous student who had returned home, Beth caught a stray comment by the subject about a questionable email from Lancaster University management. Upon reviewing the email, Beth saw that the uni had ordered students who had stayed at home during Michaelmas term to return in the Lent term or else “suspend” their studies.

Beth was the first to break this story and gathered more information from a series of interviews and email leaks to build up an exposé that rocked the student community of Lancaster. Her handling of the story was professional, effective, and displayed a commitment to digging up a story that reflects SCAN’s dedication to transparency.

It’s been hard to find new interviews about COVID-19, especially from lockdown when contacting subjects and gathering information has been made that much harder but Beth worked tirelessly to hold the university management to account. She was not only quick to adapt to online interviews but learned the new shift rotas of the management press offices so she could contact them and get responses as fast as possible in order to get the story out as soon as she did.

The standard of interview itself surpasses most – Beth writes eloquently and interweaves interview with comments about the university handling of COVID with quotes from emails and press offices with relevant contextual notations. She effectively combines transcript with research to produce an interview that was not only the first coverage of this story but also a comprehensive account of her autistic subject being disadvantaged by the unseen pitfalls of remote learning – a perspective that hasn’t been addressed enough.

Beth’s interview is candid, ground-breaking, and expertly written, shedding a light on the reckless decision of university management and lives of forgotten students."

Student Publication Association Awards 2021, nominated by SCAN Newspaper for 'Lancaster Uni tells students worried about COVID-19 to suspend their studies'.

Winner: Short Form Poetry Contest 2021

Published in the upcoming 2021 LLA Anthology.

Literary Lancashire Award 2021

Winner: Best Multimedia Journalist 2020

"Over the past year, Beth has thrown herself into and worked incredibly hard for roles across multiple mediums of student media. She's a very active correspondent for SCAN, for which she publishes several articles per issue. On top of that, she has two two-hour weekly shows for Bailrigg FM and is an acting member of the station's news team, whilst  being on the exec for Her Campus Lancaster engaged with their social media and PR."

Lancaster University Student Media Awards 2020

Shortlisted: Best Interview 2020

For 'Engineer by Day, Model by Night', an interview with internationally-published, Shannon Ashby.

Lancaster University Student Media Awards 2020

Shortlisted: Beyond Writing Inspirational Women 2019

"This piece by Elizabeth Train-Brown was shortlisted in Round I: Inspirational Women, chronicling the Crucifixion as told through Mary’s story. The competition’s judge, Jean Rafferty of Dove Tales, described the piece as direct and touching, compelling enough to move even non-believers.

"Her second, shorter poem, We’re the ones they fear in the dark, could just as easily have sat on our shortlist."

Beyond Borders Scotland 2019