Sexual harassment in Lancaster nightclubs at forefront of student backlash

Sexual harassment in Lancaster nightclubs has been at the forefront of student backlash recently. The first post appeared on Lancfessions, the anonymous confessions Facebook group, on February 23rd and has catalysed a student discussion about sexual harassment in Lancaster’s nightclubs. Article cited by Lancaster Survivors.
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Back with ‘survivin’’: An Interview with BASTILLE

“We’re coming back with a new kind of sound; we’re coming back with a higgledy-piggledy mess – but cool.”
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‘You have to be anti-racist’: Lancaster BLM protesters on why they’re protesting

People were on the walls, standing in the square, sat on the grass, right in front of Lancaster town hall. Everywhere you could see, there were hundreds holding #BlackLivesMatter signs, shouting through face masks, in the midst of a national lockdown. Everyone here to protest police brutality, racism and the death of George Floyd.
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This is what it’s actually like to be polyamorous as a uni student

Last year, I started chatting to two people on Tinder – Caitlin and Matt. Thing is, they were on the same account. Caitlin and Matt had been in a polyamorous relationship for a year and a half when I met them online, and Caitlin had just moved from Glasgow to live with Matt in Blackpool. They met on Fet, a BDSM app with different group chats for kinks and, as Caitlin said, a “wee Tinder-like setting where you could swipe through profiles.”

BREAKING: VP Education Confirms ‘No Detriment’ Policy

Bee Morgan, LUSU VP Education, confirmed on Facebook that a committee has passed a series of COVID-specific protection policies for Lancaster University students. The announcement comes in Bee’s final week of office and confirms that she has successfully passed the first stage of securing this series of concessions to “ensure no student’s education is harmed by the Covid-19 pandemic.” A petition on calling Interim Vice-Chancellor Steve Bradley to implement a no-detriment policy for

The New Year's Resolution You Need to Make According to Your College

It’s been a long, mad, weird year and we are glad to see the back of it. To say a proper goodbye, we thought we’d help you on your way to 2021. Sure, the trend may have been and gone but Tier 3 is coming in hard and strong so we need to sit back on the lockdown challenges we never got around to. And what better challenge for County, college of the banana yellow, than baking some banana bread to eat smugly in your student kitchen.

Decoding Ingredients: What’s in my product?

No matter how much of a so-called beauty junkie you are, the list of daunting chemicals on the back of products can be tricky to get your head around and even the best of us are left wondering what we are actually putting on our skin. In fact, while we may be warned to not put some acronym on our face and told that this ingredient causes cancer, they are difficult to spot. The harm that can be caused by ignorance is frightening.
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