Questioning Arts and Culture: How to be well-read without reading anything by a man.

Let me begin with this: I don’t check the comments on these articles so won’t be reading your nOt aLL mEn responses. That said: In 2018, an Uxbridge bookseller admitted that men tell them, several times a month, that they ‘don’t read books by women.’ ‘What we consider “great literature” continues to be shaped by men because too many men only consider other men to be worthy competitors’ – Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett.

‘Bury Your Gays’: The Shows That Dug Them Up

Many TV shows have been guilty of ‘burying their gays’ (unnecessarily killing off LGBT+ characters). When asked their favourite storyline, one Lancaster student answered, “If I get emotionally attached […] the writers will just kill them off […] or cancel the show,” so I set out to research shows through the ages and find the ones that ‘dug up’ their gays to make LGBT+ characters we could fall in love with.